Hello, my name is Ivona. I am a student at Laconia High School currently involved in an Extended Learning Opportunity class for Environmental Studies. My goal is to make a blog in hopes of it becoming successful and be able to spread the word about our current environmental problems and the diseases and outcomes that can come from the environment if we don’t start to take action.

Over the past week and a half or so, I have been using this website to track Laconia, NH’s current Ground Level Ozone Concentration and overall rank of ozone ground level pollution. Ground Level Ozone is the lower part of the atmosphere which we breathe in, and it is currently containing pollutions, which can lead to many health risks such as increase in chance of  lung cancer, heart disease, difficulty in breathing, coughing, respiratory allergies, and cardiac conditions .  I was actually quite suprised to find out that the ground level ozone doesnt change drastically day by day and noted that it didnt change at all when I checked it at 1pm and 7pm everyday (even though its updated hourly). Laconia’s ozone level of 0.065 ppm is particularly quite well when compared to the national average of 0.075 ppm. I recorded about 20 other cities Ground Level Ozone Pollution levels and I was shocked by some of the high levels. Some cities, I expected to be high, like NYC.

If anyone has any reccomendations of cities whose ozone levels I should study further and research more about and then post my conclusions and findings later, please let me know in the comments.



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