NYC Ozone Pollution Levels compared to LA’s Levels

As by request from Nicole, today’s post will be about the comparison between the New York City Ozone Pollution compared to Los Angeles’ Ozone Pollution levels. Both are fairly populated cities and well known. New York City has a population of almost 19 million where as Los Angeles has a population of 12.8 million.

New York City’s overall ground level ozone is .09ppm which fails to meet the national standard of 0.075ppm. Breathing this type of potentinally dangerous ozone can lead to short term and long term respitorary problems as explained in my previous blog post. New York City’s .09 ppm ground level ozone causes it to fall to 37 out of 51 when compared to other U.S cities.

Los Angeles’ overall ground level ozone is .102ppm which also fails to meet the national standard of 0.076 and inhabits a ground level ozone worse than NYC. That being said, despite the increased population in NYC, Los Angeles inhabits a worse ground level ozone and puts the city’s ranking to 50 compared to 51 other U.S cities according to Air Quality by City.

Concluding the levels above, NYC has a better ground level ozone when compared to LA despite the smaller population that LA has. But the question is why? Geographically, Los Angeles is surronded by hills and mountains which prevent most of the polluted air from moving in, even when the winds come in from the ocean. NYC, geographically is very flat and isn’t surrounded by mountains that trap the smog so the air pollution there isn’t as bad there but it still does exist. Since NYC does have a larger transit system, that does reduce the number of people driving, which reduces the amount of pollutants going into the air. New York often has more trouble with water pollution when compared to LA.

Thank you to Nicole for requesting the question and I hope to see some more comments/questions soon! 🙂


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