Argentia Air Quality Reviewed

As a request from Cande, I’ll be reviewing the air quality in Argentina! 🙂 I decided to take Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires and review that. Buenos Aires is a fairly tourist area and often concerns about their air quality are brought up. Buenos Aires is located in a flat plain right next to a river, and in the summer it is usually very windy there. The flat terrian and windy weather in the summer prevents so much air pollution from being distrubuted in the air compared to a place surrounded by high mountains, like Los Angeles, CA.

In the winter though, low wind prevents air pollution from escaping the area, and usually the air pollution is much worse in the Winter then in the Summer. Power plants and the increasement of people driving their cars in the winter in the area has led many people to concern about their health. The cars in Buenos Aires aren’t installed with catalytic converters. Catalytic converters is a device in the vehicle that converts toxic pollutants in exhaust gas into less toxic pollutants. Due to this, the levels of pollution are going to be higher than a place with these catalytic converters installed. The government has recently set up two air quality monitoring stations in areas of the city where the pollution is the worst.


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