Reducing dairy and meat can reduce the rising globe temperature

Although reducing the fuel emission source and production source of emissions, the agricultural alone would produce more than half of the green house gases – which dont even include the energy, industrt, or transportation involvments.

Fredrik Hedenus, the study’s lead scientist, explains why the agricultural sector must be adjusted: “Fuels are the main emissions source. That has to be reduced first. But what we show is, even if you remove all those in the energy and transport sector, and don’t do anything about the food system, the food system itself may be an obstacle to meet this two-degree target.”

Forcing people to become a vegetarian isn’t the goal, but trying to influence the amount of meat people have in their diet is. Meatless mondays, or being a vegetarian for 5 days of the week is often very common.

How can becoming a vegetarian help reduce the global rising temperature? The United Nations calculated that the combined climate change emissions of animals bred for their meat were about 18% of the global total, which is more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together. Producing one pound of animal meat vs. one pound of soy protein takes 13 times as much fossil fuels. Eating meat also has effects on nature – it eats up a lot of land space, it has led to deforestation in order to keep up with our demand of meat, and we have to use more water to proudce the meat.

Little things that you do can really help out the environment – try Meatless Mondays for a start!


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