Why California is the worst polluted city

California has had a history of being badly polluted, and over the years it has improved. The American Lung Association released its annual “State Of The Air” list that includes the most polluted cities in the country. 6 of them are in California.

The two biggest air pollutants are transportation sources, such as cars and trucks, and sources such as oil refineries and industrial facilities.

The American Lung Association decided to take a look and review two of these pollutants – smog and fine particulate matter. Ground level ozone is formed from the burning of fossil fuels. This can cause burning in the eyes, difficulty breathing, coughing, and it can worsen asthma. Particulate matter is formed just like ozone, from fossil fuels at power plants and by cars and trucks. These small particles are smaller than the strand of human hair but they can lodge deep into the lungs and cause effects such as premature death in people with heart or lung disease, asthma aggravation, and decreased lung function. These impacts are starting to be seen all over California, especially the Souther part.

LA is known for its outrageous traffic, and while being stuck in hours and hours of a taffic jam, all the vehicles contribute to the air pollution problem. Los Angeles has simply too many cars for a region. A major increase in public transit, and influencing the increase of hybrid and zero emission cars would help decrease the major pollution problem.

LA’s major importing system is also part of the problem. Over 80 percent of all U.S imports from Asia are imported through LA’s ports, and nearly 40 percent of these imports are moved by diesel trucks. As explained in a previous post, diesel trucks ARE NOT good for the air at all.

In conclusion, Los Angeleles’ cars and trucks, fossil fuel by vehicles, power plants, and industry are the problem. Althought it is higly unlikely we can get rid of the pollution completely, there are things that we can do to reduce the pollution as much as possible.


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